AAJV was established in 2003 when Alpha Protective Services, Inc. (APS) and Advanced Resource Technologies, Inc. (ARTI) formed a Small Business Administration (SBA)-approved Mentor Protégé Joint Venture to provide integrated Information Technology, LAN/WAN Network Engineering, Information Assurance, and Security Management Services to the Federal Government and commercial clients. The APS-ARTI, LLC (AAJV) corporate office is in Alexandria, Virginia and current clients are throughout the DC metro area.

AAJV combines best practices and lessons learned with a fresh perspective that will continue to advance our understanding of our customer’s mission and contract requirements. In addition, these best practices create a committed and professional working environment for our valued employees. Our collective goal is to continue to meet or exceed customer requirements and anticipate their needs while providing quality performance with quality employees.

We make employee and customer satisfaction our highest priority and operate under the belief that site managers and employees are the keys to this satisfaction. The key elements of our approach are built on the following three principal elements:

  • Our staff is of the highest quality
  • Our standardized management and quality control procedures ensure high-quality performance
  • We work in partnership with our clients and adopt their goals as our own.

AAJV’s primary goal is to provide high-quality, prompt, responsive services on time and within budget. To be successful in accomplishing this goal requires that all corporate resources work together effectively and efficiently. We stand committed to providing this high level of service to every client and our employees are essential in accomplishing this goal.

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APS-ARTI Joint Venture is an Equal Opportunity Employer



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